Pooja Aggarwal is a print brand founded by visual artist Pooja in 2012. Our prints are inspired from the ecstasy of that anticipated first glance between lovers, to individuality, womanhood and freedom of expression. Every stroke painted is for the individualistic woman or man, who wants to break out of their self-preserved cage and embrace their uniqueness.

We weave stories of daily cyclical flow of human emotions that connect with us, making each print relatable and our own. Our product is handcrafted using traditional and modern printing techniques, to create timeless pieces beyond seasons.Made of pure fabrics, each bespoke print in the collection imbibes a playful sophistication with the juxtaposition of humour and elegance. These exclusive head-turners start conversations and add that artistic spark to your style of dressing!

An artist from an early age, Pooja’s career spans almost two decades of exploration in the visual arts and fashion. After graduating from Art College she started her journey as a graphic designer, which led her to work as a print designer for a leading Indian fashion house. There she discovered combining drawing with textile and was addicted. As the creative director, Pooja also led one of India’s premier export houses and interpreted global trends according to the aesthetic of various international brands.

We strive to empower our wearer with energy, love and dreams, for each individual to go out into the world and be true to them selves and in the process – shine!

Pooja has an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts, London(2015) and her BA in Applied Art from College of Art(2004), New Delhi, India. She has also trained in glass blowing from Pittsburg Glass Center, Pittsburg, USA(2007) and trained in painting from Escola d’Arts Plastique I Disseny, Barcelona and School of Visual Arts(2011), New York’s combined program. She lives and works in New Delhi, India. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across India, Berlin and England.