Orthodox religious dogma, feminism and female sexual liberation are themes that I explore through this series Through my research I am attempting to understand the true nature and function of a female in the 21st century, is she the aggressive feminist or the submissive vessel of procreation?

Seven open cardboard boxes of varying sizes sit on the floor. On a closer look one realizes that each one is filled with water and that the boxes are coated with wax. On further looking one realizes that in addition to the water each box has an object/element in it.

These sculptural boxes invoke a sense of tension, contradiction, the rooted and the deracinated, vessels of storage and stillness. Yet the smell of the jasmine and the one helium balloon pulling the second balloon invoke sensations of hope. A hope to break the cycle of conditioned robotic female existence.

Cardboard boxes, Paper, Water, Wax, Balloons, Cloth, Oil